Several Vintage microphone (Rcf - Grundig - Toa...) 1960's/70's

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Lot of 5 old microphones, various brands and types and original boxes (for two microphones) :

Manufactured between 1960 and 1980

* GRUNDIG GDM 316 - Dynamic directional microphone made in Germany in 1965, cardoid polar pattern, supplied with its original box and as an accessory, a tripod, Impedance 200 ohms, sensitivity 1.5 mV / Pa, connects via a din plug 3-pole, it is easy to find an adapter for a jack or xlr connection, see do the assembly yourself, attenuation towards the rear of> 12 dB over the entire transmission range of approx. 70 ... 17,000 Hz (this corresponds to an attenuation of about 75%), parasitic noise and room reverberation are effectively suppressed.
The box is used, but the microphone is in perfect condition.

* TOA DM-530, dynamic uni-directional microphone, 600 ohm impedance, made in Japan in the 70's / 80's
Connected to a long cable (6m) incorporated, Jack output. In its original box.
Used box, microphone in very good condition

* RCF 1750S professional dynamic cardoid microphone, with its antipop . Old microphone from Rtbf, the first national Belgian television.
It has some signs of wear, "a tab" is missing on the wire mesh, the top no longer has any wire mesh, the antipop has play but can be wedged with a piece of internal fabric.
However, the microphone works perfectly well.
Please see the photos for details.

* MB UNITRA TONSIL: dynamic microphone made in Poland around 1975. Built-in cable with "stereo" output, a 5-pole din plug, a 3-pole din plug.
Works perfectly

* Dynamic microphone of unknown brand, 3-pole din output - works perfectly

Multi-use function: home studio recording for vocals, instruments (ideal if combined with modern microphones), radio, vocals, collection ...

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