SCHONBACH (Radiotone 855R) fine and rare old mandoline Circa 1920-1930

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A very old, fine rare mandolin from Schonbach - probably a Radiotone 
(Tchequie / Germany)

Build around 1920-1930.

"Bluegrass american style" width f hole

In massive woods :

Table in massive spruce
Body and neck in massive flamed maple

The neck is "modern", solid, don't move and width low action , eay to play, width a concert fretboard : 20 frets

The sound is warm and intensive (high sound) , very good to play bluegrass, blues, folk, irish music...

The instrument has been restored in several places (cracks) and renforced everywhere by a master luthier.-> Thanks to pay attention to the pictures for details.
It stays good and pretty well to play.

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