LES PAUL Special 1993

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A rare model (especially the black / brown / yellow-green sunburst color) from LES PAUL: the Les Paul  special

Model close to the Junior with 2 P90 pickups, a tailpiece and bridge.

Pickup aren't orginal,  those are P90 firebirds width best quality.

Solid mahogany wood from Honduras, :

Gibson Firebird P90 pickups from 2011 bought on another site - see photo, these microphones are of good quality, more precise and cleaner than the standard Gibson sold (those that we put on TrIbute models).

The sound is warm, precise, clean, ideal for rock and blues, but also other styles ...

The electronics  have been restaured (see photos) according to the standard diagram with CTS US potentiometers, 3-position switch, volume / tone X2 + central position.

The neck (new fretboard) has been refinished due to cracks, we still see the cracks on the paint and varnish - see photos. The neck does not move, does not tune, very easy in hands.

The guitar has traces of blows, wear here and there, but is in good condition considering its age, its natural wear gives it its "vintage relic" look.

Please look carefully at the photos for details !

With a new Hardcase.

A real vintage collector of a brand not to be presented anymore ...

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