IBANEZ semi hollow "ES335 Model" cherry sunburst, Japan 1967

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Semi-Hollow electric body IBANEZ

Made in Japan late 60's (67-69)

With vibrato and floating bridge

soun ds very warm, typical of the 60's.

2 volumes - 2 tones, " , like Gibson Es335 model

some traces of wear and uses, but in good condition given its age.
The potentiometers have been replaced - the original ones are provided with.
The potentiometer buttons replaced - the original ones (3/4) supplied with
New pickguard and vibrato bar.
The rest is entirely original.
The bridge pickup works a little less loud, but all the electronics are good.
Straight handle - trussrod adjustment.

Secure delivery.

Atypic experience :
Expert in antic guitars
Graduate Antiquaire and Industrial Engineer
Diploma in electronics
Professional studio musician
have been selling instruments for 30 years.
Musician in Rockin1000, greatest cover band in the world