German Mandolin portugese style - OCTAVE (Great scale) - 1960's

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Old Portuguese 8-string mandolin OCTAVE (great scale)

Made in Germany in the 60's

It is a larger size (bigger body) and therefore a greater reasoning in the bass, less acute than the "usual" Portuguese mandolins.

The tuning is different: G2 G2 • D3 D3 • A3 A3 • E4 E4, an octave lower than traditional mandolins.

Spruce top, maple back and sides
Back to sides: 16 sides alternated by fillets.
Table richly decorated with nets, rosette decorated in pearloid, floral design.

The fingerboard is adapted for modern playing

despite some wear and minor knocks, the instrument is in good condition given its age, the hole is warped, which has no influence on the sound or the quality of the instrument (just aesthetic ), the neck is straight, easily playable. The mechanics are original - 2 black buttons have been replaced.

Please pay attention to the photos for details.

A particularly rare model (we generally find more easily traditional mandolins)

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