HOPF electric Hollowbody , Germany 1950's

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Hollowbody Archtop electric HOPF

Made in Germany in the late 50's (1958/59)

Electronic plate with floating pickup "Hopf Special", 2 settings - switch
Mini jack output (as originally) - the mini-jack cable is provided.

Table, back and sides in natural maple
Curved back
Floating bridge - not original

Bodywidth: 420mm
Body Height height: 75mm

Some traces of wear, but guitar in good condition given its age - thank you for paying attention to the photos.

Secure delivery in an Old Hardcase (firts attach doesn't work anymore)

Atypic experience :
Expert in antIc guitars
Graduate Antiquaire and Industrial Engineer
Diploma in electronics
Professional studio musician
have been selling instruments for 30 years.
musician in Rockin1000